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about ABMD.

The advocacy of professional suppliers of background music systems.

ABMD is committed to professional and fair trade!

Background music is omnipresent in most businesses. It makes a vital contribution to creating an ambience for customers and employees.

Since the nineteen sixties, professional suppliers are responsible for the distribution of customized background music. In the early years, this was done using cassette tapes and later CD’s. Nowadays we use sophisticated computer systems for music, video and digital signage.

These professional music distributors have joined forces by founding the Associated Business Music Distributors, hereafter ABMD, in 2004. The ABMD functions as an advocate for its members towards the (copy) rights organizations, organizations for sound carriers, production corporations, individual repertoire owners and other relevant organizations in the industry, both nationally and internationally, to create transparent and workable conditions and agreements, which in turn enables ABMD members to provide the customer with licensed music and video content. The ABMD uses the knowledge and longtime experience of Hans Bergfeld and his consulting firm Bermusico (bermusico.nl) in the realm of copyright and related music rights. Hans Bergfeld also provides the secretary services of the association and is the first point of contact.

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about ABMD.


Associated Business Music Distributors

The Associated Business Music Distributors, or ABMD, is the association of producers and distributors of background music. The ABMD was founded in 2004 by several professional background music distributors. It represents the major suppliers of professional background music. The ABMD functions as an advocate for its members towards the (copy) rights organizations, organizations for sound carriers, production corporations, individual repertoire owners and other relevant organizations in the industry, both nationally and internationally, to create transparent and workable agreements and conditions.

our Members

Our members.


The members of the ABMD vouch for excellent service and a high-quality product!

All members of the ABMD are committed to the Association’s code of conduct. This code of conduct guarantees fair treatment for customers who do business with an ABMD member and receive high-quality products and services.

The following background music producers / suppliers are members of the ABMD:

BCM MUSICBCM Music Systems – Celsiusstraat 9 – 6003 DG Weert – The Netherlands
Tel. : +31 (0)495 562 558 – Fax : +31 (0)495 563 883
E-mail : info@bcmmusic.nl – Website : www.bcmmusic.nl

DJ MATICDJ Matic – Oscar Romerolaan 16 – 1216 TK Hilversum – The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)20 622 07 22
E-mail: info@dj-matic.nl – Website: www.dj-matic.nl

EAZISEazis Music & Systems – Veldkampsweg 24 – 7605 AR Almelo – The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)546 538 911
E-mail: info@eazis.com – Website: www.eazis.com

Media Tools – Oscar Romerolaan 16 – 1216 TK Hilversum – The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)35 622 07 22
E-mail: info@mediatools.nl – Website: www.mediatools.nl

PF SoundPB Sound – Hoofdveld 11 – 4266 EC Eethen
Tel.: =31 (0)416 355 010
E-mail: info@pbsound.nl – Website: www.pbsound.nl

The Music MarketeersThe Music Marketeers – Oscar Romerolaan 16 – 1216 TK Hilversum – The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)20 420 00 52
E-mail: info@tmm.nl – Website: www.tmm.nl

XENOXXenox Music & Media – Lingedijk 80 – 4196 HC Tricht – The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)345 572 122 – Fax: +31 (0)345 572 123
E-mail : info@xenox.nl – Website : www.xenox.nl

XENOXXenox Music & Media – c/Reverendo Gabriel Bestard 5 – 07011 Son Anglada – Palma De Mallorca – Spain
Tel.: +34 (0)871 51 00 99
E-mail : info@xenox.es – Website : www.xenox.es






If your question is not answered here? Please contact us!
01. What copyrights do I need to be aware of when I want to play music or video in my venue?

The law stipulates that with playing music or showing video in public places, so outside a private setting, the permission of the composer, author, music publisher, record company and the artist must be obtained. These copyright holders are in most cases connected to copyright organizations that can grant you permission on their behalf. The following organizations are of interest to you:

Buma (Composers, authors, music publishers)
Sabam (Composers, authors, music publishers)
SENA (Record companies, performers)
Videma (Broadcasters, film and video distributors, film and television producers)

02. Where can I find what music rights I must pay?

You can contact one of the organizations listed under 01., or make a calculation on the website: www.mijnlicentie.nl

03. Does a background music provider also pay music rights?

The ABMD members are responsible for the payment of music rights for the reproduction and distribution of music and video programs. They have signed agreements with rights organizations and individual repertoire owners and pay these monthly fees to the rights organizations. As a customer, you are responsible to secure the licenses for public performance of music and / or displaying video clips or other material (see question 1) yourselves.

04. How do I know if a company that offers me background music settles their music rights?

Unfortunately, there are always providers active in the market which do not honor music rights. They offer music systems at subscription rates that are usually much lower than the subscription rates used by the legitimate suppliers of background music. That makes sense, because these providers often don’t pay any rights at all or only partly. Do you want to make sure that you do business with a legitimate provider? First check the ABMD list of members on this site before you sign any agreement with a supplier. By doing business with an ABMD member you are assured that the music rights fees are properly settled. On the websites of Buma / Stemra (Netherlands) and SABAM (Belgium) You can also find suppliers who are not members of the ABMD, but do have a background music license agreement with Buma / Stemra or SABAM.

05. May I use consumer online music services such as Spotify, Deezer or other streaming services in my venue?

The answer is ‘NO’. These providers have obtained a license from rights organizations and master owners for offering music streams for private use only. Commercial use is not allowed. Public places such as shops, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters or businesses, may not make use of these consumer streaming services.




ABMD (Associated Business Music Distributors)

De Slufter 146
2134 XK Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

Postbus 3024
2130 KA Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
Secretary: Hans Bergfeld

T : +31 (0)23 561 88 14

E : info@abmd.nl